Damaris Norge - kobler kristen tro og populærkultur

Intervju med Andy Bannister

October 7, 2020

Ann-Christin Østerberg i Damaris Norge intervjuer Andy Bannister.

Lørdag 17. oktober kan du strømme seminar med Andy som skulle vært på Veritaskonferansen i år.

Sjekk: https://veritaskonferansen.no/digitalt-program


Seminar 2: 11.45-12.45

The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: The Terrible Consequences of Bad Arguments

Many people now assume that a godless scepticism is the default position, indeed the only position for anybody wishing to appear educated, contemporary, and urbane. Atheism is hip, religion is boring. Yet when one pokes at popular atheism, many of the arguments used to prop it up quickly unravel. This seminar exposes some of the loose threads on the cardigan of atheism.



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