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Anne Solfrid Brennhovd - Truth, Identity, and Morality: Tweens, TV-Shows, and the Gospel

April 10, 2019

"If you want to know the real heart of a person, or a society, find out what entertains them, what delights them" (Ted Turnau).

Through streaming, TV-shows are increasingly being aimed at specific segments in society. This results in a bewildering jungle of productions for every individual family member.

Shows targeting tweens have traditionally been regarded as second-rate, but many high-quality shows are now emerging for this age group, which often spends time alone in front of the screen.

What do shows like Winx, The Worst Witch, Trollhunters and Dragons: Riders of Berk tell kids about truth, identity and morality? How does the Gospel relate to these key themes?

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- Produsert av Forum of Christian Leaders og gjengis med tillatelse.

Se videoen av seminaret her: http://foclonline.org/talk/truth-identity-and-morality-tweens-tv-shows-and-gospel

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